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Cranel Imaging’s distribution business provides technology solutions to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) VARs and ISVs, Independent Office Equipment Dealers and Check Automation businesses. We deliver a solid technology portfolio, product and business expertise, support and exceptional services from a team of skilled professionals dedicated to customer business advancement.


Cranel Imaging provides a premier distribution experience via professional expertise and established relationships with the industry’s best technology and software solutions to help ECM VARs and ISVs competitively serve their customers.

We give you the ability to offer your customers comprehensive, integrated and custom products and solutions. Using our progressive products and services, you can easily, quickly and confidently support your customers with premier solutions and gain more time to focus on your core business.

Cranel Imaging looks at the entire Independent Office Equipment Dealer technology landscape to assess current and future needs. We want you to be equipped with the resources to meet the ever growing and changing needs of your customers. You will benefit from our large network of relationships with leading OED solution providers, and can rely on our experienced advice about custom solutions for your business. We will help you efficiently and affordably pass additional and complementary solutions options to your customers.

Leverage us as an extension of your business. Working with Cranel Imaging, Dealers get access to the consistency of a team that can help provide a broader, richer solutions portfolio. Our highly trained sales and support teams will help price and configure technology solutions, and our hardware-agnostic approach to technology assessments allow you to meet trending needs and expand your portfolio for your customers.

Cranel Imaging specializes in bringing Check Automation Partners efficient processes and quality solutions to offer their customers. By partnering with us, Check Automation Resellers and ISV Partners gain access to an experienced advocate that will help streamline everything from logistics to solution selection, and support to knowledge resources.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all and offer a portfolio that meets a broad range of needs. We have the ability to quickly customize and build configurations as needed along with the warehouse flexibility to accommodate a wide range of order sizes. You can leverage our vendor resources for knowledge development and support and turn to us to help provide an enhanced process that will achieve rapid deployment to your customers.