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Since 1997, Digitech Systems has offered a comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) product suite exclusively through Value-added Resellers that offer the comfort of local business support.

PaperVision Enterprise, the on-premise document management software, and ImageSilo, the on-demand ECM service, allow customers to reduce information management costs, enhance security and compliance and simplify disaster recovery. Optional components include email management, automated document workflow and print stream processing, placing critical business information securely in the hands of users the instant it is needed. Get any document, anywhere, anytime!


ImageSilo is the industry’s leading, comprehensive, on-demand ECM suite. Companies don’t need an initial investment in hardware, software or IT resources to get online access to any document, anywhere, anytime. 
  • Customize a solution with additional services like workflow and email management to meet all of your ECM needs. 
  • Simplify disaster recovery by delivering an identical copy of your live information to any secure location. 
  • Trade high capital costs for low monthly operating expenses by outsourcing network and storage management.
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PaperVision Enterprise

PaperVision Enterprise securely organizes, stores and retrieves virtually any information. This on-premise ECM system is scalable, flexible and can improve business processes, protect information and enable compliance with regulations. 
  • Customize a system with add-on components that manage email messages and simplify complex business processes by routing documents automatically.
  • Safeguard information with encryption both during transmission and when stored, and gain audit confidence by performing detailed security audits and tracking system utilization. 
  • Simple point-and-click integration requires no coding or scripting and makes ECM a seamless part of your line-of-business software.

PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow

PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow enables businesses to fully automate standardized business processes, routing any document, anywhere, anytime, all while tracking the process and alerting users of new work assignments. 
  • Respond to customer requests quickly with prioritized work queues and time-sensitive alerts.
  • Identify process inefficiencies and bottlenecks with continually updated reports showing document status.
  • Easily set up WorkFlow procedures using an icon-based, graphical diagram for simple point-and-click creation. 

PaperVision E-Forms

Did you know it can cost an organization up to $165 to use, process and enter a SINGLE PAPER FORM? Now multiply that across the number of different forms your organization uses and how often each form gets filled out. Get rid of pesky paper forms and capture your customers’ data into an electronic, web-based form with PaperVision® E-Forms. You will spend less time manually entering information, improve information control and security and save money by eliminating costs associated with printing and storing paper forms. How much time and money might you save? What are you waiting for?  

PaperVision Message Manager

PaperVision Message Manager securely stores and manages email messages and attachments.It works with virtually any email account and is easy to install—just forward messages to a mailbox on a server that Message Manager monitors. 
  • Flexible capture policies filter out unwanted email to conserve storage space and reduce email management costs.
  • Non-repudiation and encryption ensure you’ll meet the strictest regulations and best practices.
  • Automatically route email messages and attachments to initiate workflow processes and email notifications. 

PaperVision Enterprise Report Management

PaperVision Enterprise Report Management features a COLD/ERM and print stream data processing engine to capture, process and distribute data in easy-to-read reports. 
  • Streamline business with automated print stream processing that makes data manageable and searchable.
  • Configure processing jobs easily, without scripting or programming, using point-and-click setup.
  • Process information when it’s convenient and during off-peak hours with user-defined schedules. 
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