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​Kodak Alaris  Document Imaging Products and Services business continues to be the worldwide leader in the manufacturing and sales of high speed capture devices and media, micrographics equipment and support services for customers who manage, merge, share and store images and information.


Kodak ScanMate i1150WN

The modern office has been transformed by the advent of laptops,
mobile devices and access to Wi-Fi. We’ve all got the flexibility to
work where and how we want.

With the new i1150WN wireless network scanner you can take a
scanner to the customer rather than taking their documents away
to scan. You can scan things straight to your mobile device and
speed up life. And you can share one scanner with many users
in a tight space or an open collaboration work area.

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Kodak Scan Station 730EX

Get more value from your information with the Kodak Scan
Station 730EX. Solve unique challenges with powerful integration
capabilities that can be used to produce efficiency-boosting
customizations. Turn data into decisions quickly and seamlessly
with simple network setup and robust remote management.
With the Kodak Scan Station 730EX, your information is open
for business.

Kodak Scan Station 710

The Kodak Scan Station 710 Scanner helps you tackle your
workload in more ways than you’d ever expect. Seamless
connector. Project archiver. Instant messenger. Extraordinary
performer. With capabilities like these, it can give you an edge
right out of the box. The Kodak Scan Station 710 is more than
a scanner. It’s your new information manager.

ScanMate i1150

This scanner is designed for use in customer-facing business transactions. Employees using these solutions are typically interacting with customers and need to keep the transaction moving to reduce wait times and increase customer satisfaction. Recognizing that a majority of transactions involve 10 or fewer documents to be scanned, the  ScanMate i1150 features a special transaction mode, enabling 60 percent faster capture speed for the first 10 pages. Benefit from an intuitive, icon-based color interface. Take advantage of associated cost savings. Small, quiet, quick, and intelligently designed, the ScanMate  i1150 Scanner accelerates your processes with seamless technology so you can focus on your customers.
i1150 (2)

i1190 Scanner (i1190E)

Kodak i1190 and i1190E Scanners are the dedicated desktop transaction processing tools for business. Both are compact, fast, and quiet with easy-to-use interfaces and ample intelligence. The i1190E features powerful, on-board image processing. They accelerate workflows, so you can devote time to other important tasks. Easily integrated with software and enterprise applications to scan, capture information, and extract and share data with the business apps you use every day. To deliver more, faster, space-saving Kodak i1190/i1190E Scanners are the perfect office mates for a wide range of applications including banking, finance, insurance,healthcare, and government.

i5000 Series Scanners

Kodak has revealed a revolutionary breakthrough with the i5000 Series Scanners. The new digital architecture includes optimized memory allocation and processing paths, along with finding the fastest way to scan, perform, and image the diverse document mix loaded allowing less human interaction and increased productivity. Performance speeds range from 140 ppm (i5200) to 170 ppm (i5600) while upgrades are available without additional hardware purchases which helps to lower costs while increasing performance capabilities. This scanner series offers the best-in-class total cost of ownership over five years compared to select non-Kodak Scanners.  

i2000 Series Scanners

The Kodak i2000 Series Scanners offer a new way to increase efficiency with a full set of scanning solutions to help get your information flowing and keep your business running smoothly.  To help keep a competitive edge on the way you handle information, the i2000 Series offers a breadth of business benefits including increased security, better teamwork, and faster internal processes. Combine those with more performance, a compact retractable industrial design, and a new 3 year limited warranty and you'll see that Kodak is making it easier for you and your documents to create something extraordinary.

i2900 Scanner

The Kodak i2900 Scanner is a robust rotary A4 desktop scanner with an ingenious book-edge flatbed scanner built right in. It features a 250-sheet feeder/elevator and consistently high throughput speed, even when imaging double-sided and color documents at up to 300 dpi. Add in Intelligent Document Protection, as well as Kodak’s Perfect Page technology and Smart Touch functionality, and you’ve got a fiercely powerful scanner in a remarkably compact package.

i3000 Series

The Kodak i3000 Series Scanners are purpose-built to deliver consistent throughput and minimize downtime for your office. They’re loaded with impressive imaging functionality for onboarding of information, and Intelligent Document Protection to defend against damaged documents and lost data. These A3 rotary scanners can take on virtually any challenge while taking up less space on your desk— making them the perfect fit for any business that doesn’t have a second to waste.

i4000 Series

Digitizing and managing a whirlwind of documents just got easier. With the most versatile capture solution Kodak has ever built, you’ll be ready for production scanning the day you open the box. Introducing the all-new Kodak i4000 Series Scanners. We took everything we’ve ever learned about document management and built an entirely original platform to help you control information, automate processes and take productivity to new heights.