Objectif Lune


Objectif Lune is a sharer of technologies that helps create new ways of doing business, printing, automating, archiving, communication and much more. It is the only independent provider of software solutions for document lifecycle management in the market place, covering needs from entry-level to enterprise-wide applications with the ability to seamlessly upgrade users all the way to the top.

Objectif Lune is the first in the market to provide entry level to enterprise applications for one-on-one VDP, document composition, business process automation, mail sorting and preparation.  It provides lasting software that allows organizations seamless transition with growth. From entry-level to enterprise-wide applications, Objectif Lune has products for organizations of all size.

Planet Press Connect

PlanetPress Connect enables organizations of any type to create and distribute more effective business communications utilizing their existing data formats. These new interactive workflows let businesses reach their customers in a variety of ways: web, email and text messages in addition to traditional print output. It’s never been easier to transform ordinary and mundane statements and invoices into powerful and personalized customer experiences.

PlanetPress Suite

PlanetPress Suite offers variable data document design, imaging, and automated workflows and is compatible with virtually every host system. PlanetPress supports high volume, high speed transactional printing, and imaging.

PrintShop Mail

PrintShop Mail Suite is a standalone variable data printing composition tool, easy to use for beginners with advanced capabilities for experts. It optimizes VDP production process by minimizing set-up time and expanding printing capabilities.

PlanetPress Capture

With PlanetPress Capture, you can eliminate paper dependency and optimize your productivity. Capture signatures on documents without scanning and adds workflow to documents automatically.