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GSA Secures Government-Wide License for Formatta Designer

July 12, 2011

This license allows agencies to try the technology without initially having to invest a considerable amount of money.

HERNDON, Va., April 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Formatta Corporation's eforms
design application is now available to all federal and state agencies without
cost through a government-wide license with the General Services
Administration (GSA). Government agencies can download Formatta Designer 6.0,
which retails for $995.00, free of charge from the company's website at

GSA has chosen to license Formatta Designer, a commercial-off-the-shelf
(COTS) software application that allows for all forms to be reproduced
electronically just as they appear on paper. Designer is presented in an easy
to use, "what you see is what you get" format so that all form authors can
create legally binding, signable and non-repudiable eforms. Civilian employees
in any position can use it; no coding or programming experience is necessary.
Authors can also easily convert existing .pdf and .doc files into Formatta

A major advantage of using Formatta eforms is that they provide agencies a
cost-effective solution for publishing forms online and easing public burden.
Using Formatta Designer and Formatta Filler reduces both the cost and time
expense of authoring and filling forms, making workflow more efficient.
Formatta's Filler software is also free, and Formatta does not charge any form
distribution fees.

"This license allows agencies to try the technology without initially
having to invest a considerable amount of money," says Paul Wernet, President
of Formatta Corporation. "They can choose to automate as the business case
becomes more evident." Thus, agencies can effectively deploy fillable, fully
functional eforms on their websites with no costs for software. Formatta's
Server solutions, which allow automation of form processing, are also
available government-wide at a discounted rate.

Several federal agencies already use Formatta eforms, including the United
States Forest Service and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as
well as state and local agencies, such as the Maryland Workers' Compensation
Commission and the New York State Police Department. Formatta solutions are
fully compliant with key federal regulations including Section 508, GPEA,
HIPAA, and the Privacy Act.

To obtain fully licensed copies of Formatta Designer and Filler 6.0,
government users can download the software directly from Formatta's website
and register online using the form available at
The license is then sent through email with instructions. Each individual
employee can download and store licensed copies of these applications on their
local machines.

Formatta Corporation, founded in 1997 and based in Herndon, Virginia, is
the global leader in secure XML eforms technology. Formatta's unique eforms
solutions model, including Formatta Designer, is the most cost-effective means
for businesses and the government to securely distribute, collect and process
electronic data using the most common business tool in history - the form.
Formatta Corporation is located at: 13921 Park Center Road, Herndon, VA
20171. Tel: (888) 99-FORMS: (888) 993-6767, 703-673-0000; Fax: (703) 673-2201;
Email:; Web:

Source: Formatta Corporation

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